Deer in the headlights

Coming back from the once-every-two-years trip to Texas this November I finally got to see a real “deer the headlights”

My husband and I both love to drive at night, so we tend to plan these long trip (Our town to Dallas) so that most of the driving is at night. So there I am driving along at 3 a.m. singing to my favorite Michael W. Smith CD when all of a sudden this THING that is as big as the hood of my car (Ford Escape Hybrid) is taking up my entire lane.

and it’s just looking at me! I can’t change lanes to the right, cause there is someone there, so I slow waaay down and the silly thing continues to stare down my car (like it thinks it’s going to win this bizzare game of chicken. I’m becoming more and more aware of just how big this thing is. It’s turned broadside to me and it is honestly taking up the entire lane.

Eventually it shakes itself and ambles off into the dark. and let me tell you I’ve never been so careful a driver as I was for the next 100 miles or so. You may say I was just shaken and nervous. I will deny it. I was merely being careful. The headlights on bright are a precaution that everyone should use. And my constant scanning of the bushes on each side watching for whatever the next thing is thats going to leap into my path is NOT a twitch or a tick. It is a perfectly reasonable caution.

So now that I know what a deer in the headlights really looks like, I can honestly say that that was how I felt last night when I got the news that the head coach of my hometown professional football team has quit. I’m stunned. I can’t seem to move off the subject. I even brought it up in the middle of a completely unrelated conversation at work this morning. *sigh*

the thing I can’t understand about it is that we only have three games left. Couldn’t he have hung around for three more games? maybe even used the secret knowledge that he was leaving to go ahead and be the bad guy and fire some of the trouble makers and low performers on the team?

oh well. now we have to start over….again.

maybe I’d better get off the road, before a car comes along and smacks me.


2 thoughts on “Deer in the headlights

  1. Hi, I found you….
    We know all about the deer here. We live in what is described in the Deer Vehicle Accident Management plan for the Town of Amherst as a hot spot for deer vheicle accidents. You do learn to add scanning the shoulders to your driving. I saw deer on Friday and Saturday while I was driving.
    Yes, I am procrastinating on writing but I have written more than a page of the 4 page paper already, so I am meaking progress.


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