thank you Lord for this pretty day….

“Thank you Lord for this pretty day”

That’s what my husband says at the end of every prayer. No matter if it’s cloudy, or bright, cold, warm, drizzly. He says it every time.

We ride to work together and our devotional time is during the car ride. We read our portion for the day, discuss it and then pray. And he always ends with the same thought. He always thanks God for the pretty day.

The first time he said that it was indeed a perfect day. Not a cloud in the sky, brisk air, perfect in every way. But as the days went on and he said it every day I started feeling sarcastic about it. “oh come on Martin. It’s pouring rain! What’s pretty about this?”

But as he has continued to say it I am learning more and more to identify each day as beautiful, meaningful, something to be enjoyed in all it’s glorious variety.

And you know what else? I’m incredibly thankful to have such a sensitive, wonderful hubby who has ever so gently taught me to look at each morning a little bit differently.

Thank you God for Martin.


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