Scream of Continuousness

Why did I name my blog Scream of Continuousness. It has to do with a couple of things.

One. I have yet to actually scream about the whole infertility thing. I can’t seem to get to the point of that total release. I’ve cried. I just recently had a week where I would cry at the drop of a hat. But it has never been that gut wrenching, lie on the floor and sob my heart out kind of cry that might make me feel better. So instead of a major emotional release I walk around all day every day feeling like I’m a kettle on the boil and I’m whistling.  Sort of a continual, internal, never ending scream. Sometimes it surprises me that nobody around me can hear it.

Two. Danny Stanton. He was my boyfriend just after high school. He would write me these silly letters that were essentially stream of conciousness, but he called it scream of continuousness.

So, since I’m constantly screaming inside my head and I’m hoping that this blog thing will be an outlet for that, I called the blog by Danny’s name for it: Scream of Continuousness.

hope you like it.


I am SERIOUSLY considering changing the name of this blog.  You would not beleive how many people interpret is as that I am some kind of psycho who needs help.

So, anyone got a suggestion for a new name?  Besides the fact that I am past this whole “constantly on the boil” thing.  That’s past.


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