can I be a hobbit?

I have a whole bunch of conflicting and conflicted emotions running around in my head this afternoon, so I’m just going to stick with the subject of mushrooms ’cause if I didn’t I’d be rambling on all day.

This weekend I cooked a HUGE pot of beef stroganoff.  I love mushrooms, so if I had to be anything other than human, I’d choose to be a Hobbit. Besides, they like “well rounded figures” and I’m well on my way there.

I’ll admit it’s not a traditional Christmas-time food.  But for me it’s a comfort food and that’s very important at this time of year.  That stroganoff is going to feed all my visiting family for a couple of meals.  Stroganoff over broccoli, stroganoff filled puff pastry cups (yummmmmmm), I may even put it in a quiche.

Anybody got any thoughts on mushrooms in general? or beef stroganoff in particular? recipes to share?  What’s your comfort food?


One thought on “can I be a hobbit?

  1. I have a recipe for Quick Beef Stroganoff that uses ground beef but I don’t make it very often anymore since it has dairy and meat in the same dish which BIll usually doesn’t eat also James doesn’t like mushrooms.

    Since working at the restaurant James has started to develop new recipes again. He has been developing a sauted topping for broiled meat, steak or lamb this week. It is good.


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