why do I hate “White Christmas” ?

I mean, come on. It’s a classic song. Everybody seems to love it. But to me is it so wistful and so sad that I just hate it. I mean Christmas is hard enough enough on some people, why do we have to keep playing this slow sad depressing song about wanting “all your Christmases to be white” like that’s the only way it will be a happy Christmas!


What percentage of people actually *get* a white Christmas?

I honestly prefer “Blue Christmas” at least it is funny. Elvis version or Porky Pig I care not. the humor offsets the lyrics.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate snow. But I see no point in longing for something I’ll never get.  My town will never have a White Christmas (especially now with global warming, but that’s another post) so why get myself all worked up about it? It’s wasted energy. (I think there is a lesson in there that I need to absorb that applies to my infertility, I’ll think about it later)

If we have to have snow songs they need to be happy ….like “Sleighride”

Okay, I have a new cause in life BAN the “White Christmas” song! Storm the radio stations! Alert the media! here we go!

just kidding. but does it have to play quite so often?

oh well.

Merry Six Days till Christmas!


3 thoughts on “why do I hate “White Christmas” ?

  1. Buffalo had a White Cristmas and there was just a little snow left from a previous snow fall on Martha’s VIneyard.
    Yes I am home from my trips. I will try to post all my news today.


  2. I, for a long time, hated the Carpenter’s “Merry Christmas Darling” because I hated the line “I wish I were with you.” Turns out that is correct grammar, but it still rubs me the wrong way. (Never be frightened by a good subjunctive clause… )
    I REALLY hate Carol of the Bells. It’s too frenetic for me. It’s like an ANTI – Christmas carol.


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