Is Christmas supposed to be like this?

Okay, here’s the scene.

My mother in law is in town. My mom and dad live just a mile away from me. My brother and his new wife are living in our basement (for just 2 more weeks, more on that some other time) My brother’s daughter is staying with my mom for Christmas. And my brother’s wife’s three kids are supposed to be staying with us as well.

Everybody got that?


I tried to have an organized Christmas. I am a goddess of organization. I can do this. No problem. I had a schedule. With church activities and “down time” and family activities. It was all worked out neatly……on paper.

No part of my plan has survived unscathed. Take last night as an example.

From 6 to 9 p.m. we are supposed to go driving around looking at Christmas lights. My darling husband has strained his back making sure all the seats are in place in our large (15 passenger) van. My brother calls. He has taken his wife and all four kids to a freinds house to “do some baking” but he assures me they will be back in time to enjoy the Christmas lights event. right. why didn’t I know better? By the way, the reason they have had to go to a freind’s house to bake is becasue I’m a mean awful nasty person who won’t allow them to bake in my kitchen that’s already cleaned up and ready for guests. I’ve cooked everything we need for the week already and I refuse to allow more mess.

Anyway…we are supposed to leave at 6 to look at lights. At 5:45 my brother calls to say he doesn’t think they are going to make it and can we go do the lights without them? Well, a van full of adults driving around looking at lights is not nearly as much fun as a van with excited children in it, but sure. We’ll manage. somehow.

So now I have to call my mom and convince her that not having the grandbaby (who is 14 by the way) along for the ride is NOT the END OF THE WORLD as we know it.

It is now 7 p.m. We have me, my hubby, my mom and dad and my mother in law all in the van and ready to go.

We drive around. We look at lights.
Approximately 9:45 my brother calls. He is now going to be baking all night and can we come get the 14 year old and take her home since she has Swim practice tomorrow. He will meet us half way. um…okay.

We get to the rendevous point. No Brother. No 14 year old. But here’s another phone call.

Turns out my brother can’t find the keys to his car. So can we please drive another 20 minutes to pick up the 14 year old.

Sure. This we do.

We pick her up. We drive home.

We have now sucessfully completed 3 hours of driving. We get home……and my dad wakes up.

Merry Christmas.


One thought on “Is Christmas supposed to be like this?

  1. Ugh! What a fun Christmas! Why is it that folks always mess with your carefully-laid plans?

    I hope your Christmas Day was wonderful!


    Actually, I had a complete meltdown, yelled at my dad and left the room. It’s been a stressful Christmas.
    New rule: no more than one family at a time for any given holiday.


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