back amongst the sane people…..

So I’m back at my desk after being gone more than a week.

We have two faculty candidates coming in on Monday that I need to arrange schedules for (one of which I knew about before and one of which I just found out about 20 minutes ago !!!!!). We have a Christmas tree in the lobby that it is my responsibility to take down (since it was my idea to begin with), three huge bins of mail to be sorted (and no student assistant to fob it off onto), a coffee machine to re-fill (again, no student to hand that fun task off to), construction of a major new building next to ours (complete with the archetypal jack hammer pounding away)  and 30 faculty members all with various needs/demands/requests that all need to be taken care of right now please.


Compared to the last 11 days with my family, being at work is like being in heaven.

First we had the family Christmas with all the attendant hassles & headaches and then the post Christmas “fun” of moving my brother and his wife and four kids into their new home.

I’m really out of my element when dealing with leaky faucets, ovens that won’t light, heaters that click endlessly, a plumber that won’t show up, piles of boxes, blinds that need to be hung and furniture that needs to be put together. I guess I’m just not the handyman type (or a domestic goddess for that matter).

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, and we really enjoyed setting Steve and his family up in their new home, but right now I’m really glad to be back in an environment where I can feel competent to handle almost anything they can throw at me.

So bring on the unexpected guests to be scheduled! Bring on the endless piles of mail! This I can deal with.

Happy New Year everyone.


One thought on “back amongst the sane people…..

  1. I am glad you got Steve and company moved into their new home.

    Yes. We are too. I’m very proud of them. They are doing okay. Everything is not instantly perfect, but they are trying lots harder than I’ve ever seen them try. To succeed and be normal. they will never be in “easy circumstances” but I have hope that they will eventually be alright.


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