the world’s most perfect boss

I have the world’s most perfect boss.

Wanna hear what his Christmas present to our office was?

He brought in his Belgian waffle iron from home and made (to order) Belgian Waffles, bacon and mimosas. He had whipped cream, marmalade, syrup, butter, pecans, chocolate shavings, and strawberries all available as toppings.

Then today, he took us on a mission trip (under the guise of a “team building excercise”) at a wonderful place called MedShare. It’s a group who takes un-used medical supplies and makes them available (for free) to doctors in far away countries.

But they need someone to sort all the stuff they receive. And believe me they receives piles and piles of stuff. So we spent the morning sorting surgical steel items for packaging so they can be shipped.


This stuff goes to where they don’t HAVE forceps if we don’t send them, so we were literally saving lives across the world. All morning. Without ever having to leave our city. Or get shots.

Tres cool no?

So, votes, do I not have the coolest boss ever?

oh, and he’s fun, kinda hot, and a scientist too. very weird. one doesn’t normally see this combo in the wild………


2 thoughts on “the world’s most perfect boss

  1. Wait a minute…..I thought that -I- was the world’s most perfect boss!

    ;- )

    Sounds wonderful. Belgian waffles and community service go great together!

    Okay, he’s the most perfect boss I’VE ever had. I never actually worked for you.


  2. I wish I had the best boss. Mine got me a picture frame from the dollar store. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It is the thought that counts, right?


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