the best gift of the year

I just saw a friend across campus that I hadn’t seen since before the Christmas break and I asked how her Christmas went.

She got this big smile on her face and she told me that it was wonderful. She saw lots of family and she gave herself the Greatest Present EVER.

Oh really? What was it? I asked.

“oh, I got to go out and buy a little something special for each and EVERY member of my whole extended family and give each gift to them personally”

I must admit I probably looked blank at this point. How was this a special gift to herself? Don’t we all do this every year? Don’t we complain about the long list of folks we “HAVE” to get gifts for?

Then she reminded me: “when I moved here two years ago I had nothing (she’s a Katrina survivor) and even last year I couldn’t afford to give presents to everyone. But THIS year, I had enough to get something for each person on my list. It was so much FUN! I’ll never forget it!”





and what a Blessing. Thank you God that I got to see her today, and thank you for her cheerful, giving heart.


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