in the mood for salmon

okay. I don’t know why, but I occasionally get a real hankering for salmon. I don’t like fishy fish though, so I’m pretty specific about it.

1. it HAS to come from Whole Foods. first off, they have the best salmon ever. Secondly, they will skin it for me which helps take away the fishy flavor. I CAN do it myself, but I prefer to have the nice man behind the counter wrestle with the cussed slippery fish.

2. it shall NOT be overcooked, nor undercooked. I, like Goldilocks, require it to be “just right” which for me means all the way cooked, but still moist.

3. it must be cooked MY WAY.

What follows is a description of “MY WAY” which is an adaptation of a medieval recipe that a friend of mine researched and an Alton Brown technique for cooking fish in parchment paper.

Take a half pound salmon fillet. Place it on a sheet of parchment paper with enough extra paper available to completely enclose the fish. But don’t close it up just yet. Set it aside. It’s time to work on the topping.
In a microwave safe bowl pour a small bottle of Orangina soda, 2 cups of slivered almonds that have been crushed, 1 cup of currants, salt, pepper, and tarragon to taste. I have occasionally added other herbs to this, but try it”plain” once and see how you like it. Microwave on high for 2 minutes. Remove. Stir. Microwave for another minute. The idea is to let the currants plump up a bit.

Now take the salmon and a with a slotted spoon, spoon the mixture over the salmon. Coat it thickly. Like somewhere between a half an inch and one inch thick. This topping is really yummy. There will be some liquid but you don’t want too much. Neither do you want dry fish, so it’s a balancing act. Then close the parchment paper.

At this point you have a choice: you can microwave on high for 3 to 4 minutes (depending on the strength of your microwave it can be very easy to over cook this) or you can put the fish in a baking pan with other fish packets and bake it. The parchment paper keeps in all the steam so the fillets stay nice and moist, so each piece of fish should have it’s own wrapper.

Clean up is easy. Be careful when you first open them though. Steammmmmmmmm



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