I love my job……really

Today is going to be an interesting day.

I woke up sick for some unknown reason from 2 to 4 a.m. Something I ate probably. I’m still feeling kinda shakey. Haven’t had breakfast yet ’cause I don’t trust my stomach……ick.

So I could go a couple of different directions with my mood for the day. I could be grumpy (since I’ve had so little sleep), I could be pitiful (I’m really good at feeling sorry for myself when I’m not feeling physically great), I could go with resentful (why do I have to be here when I don’t feel well?)

Or I COULD try, just try …. to be a blessing to each person I see today.

It helps that I work with some wonderful people.

Todd. We’ve already covered him. The worlds most perfect boss. Knows how to really appreciate a good argument. Makes Belgian waffles for his employees, laughs easily and lets me rant, scream or cry if I need to. (Faculty can be very frustrating creatures to deal with and occasional scream therapy is recommended for the staff).

Donna. Office Manager Extraordinaire. Very calm, unflappable, peaceful. She let me hide in her office and cry when I was going through one of those weeks that infertile women occasionally have. You know the one where you cry at the drop of a hat? yeah, that week. She even came back from the bathroom once to find me in her office with the door closed sobbing my heart out. Sweet lady handled it perfectly.

Deborah. Accountant. Crazy lady. Fun. Has the perfect sense of humor to blend in here and revels in being just as nuts as the rest of us. That’s sooooo rare.

Stephenie. Our resident Rastafarian (is that how it’s spelled?) account secretary. Oh I can not do without this lady. She is so funny and so weird. Really “out there” sometimes, ya know? She comes up with the craziest conversation starters. But the biggest blessing for me with her presence in our office is that she took over the accounting functions that I was struggling through. I try to make sure she knows how much I appreciate her.

Ethel. She has been here 17 years and NOTHING can replace this woman. She is very stony faced, and intimidating, but now that there is so much humor and joy in the office she is warming up and starting to tell funny stories more and enjoy her co-workers.

Anyway, that’s my office. And my goal for today (to take my mind off my pitiful, sleep-deprived, queasy, cranky self) is to make sure each of them feels appreciated today.


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