do I have to?

Why do I dread swimming before I go and love it once I’m there?

As I stand on the edge of the pool about to dive in, my inner four-year-old emerges and starts to whine.

“It’s gonna be cold. It will make me tired. heck I’m tired already. It will sting my eyes. The water will get in my nose, my eyes, my ears, my…”

oh heck with it.

I dive in……..

and come up grinning like a fool in love.

It happens every. single. time.

I adore the feel of the water, the grace and power and flexibility of the experience. It is just a pure joy for me. Even just doing laps.

So my big question is this: what is wrong with my brain that I can’t seem to remember the love for the water until I’m IN the water?

It sure would help when it came time to get ready to go to the gym………


2 thoughts on “do I have to?

  1. All I’ve read is this one little post and already I love your “voice.”
    How many good things are like this? Once I get my butt down to the beach…once I get my nose into the book…once I get all those veggies chopped and collected in one bowl swimming in bleu cheese dressing…once I take the time to get quiet and settle at the feet of the Master… I remember why these things are so. very. good.
    The whining about the water being cold and messing up our hair? That’s just annoying side affects of this horrible condition known as “being a grown up.”
    Bless you!

    Wow, thanks. I’m really enjoying writting every single day of the week. Well of the workweek anyway. And it is really cool to hear that someone else likes my “voice” how neat. I hope it eventually is God’s voice. Thanks for visiting, you are welcome anytime.


  2. Wow – I found your blog searching for swimmers online. I’m trying to get a group of swimmers to work together in a quest to swim 500 miles. Lots of advantages in working together as a team. Might help you get into the pool faster, without thinking about it. Check out the details at: and let me know if you’re interested.

    And if I’ve already contacted you in another post forgive me.


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