the Davey Crocket

Something I love about a place I used to work. They made us say the same thing to each person that came to the register:

“It’s a great day at Chick-fil-A! How can I help you?”

Funny thing about this is that you can not speak words of encouragement without BEING encouraged by them.

Years ago I toured the Infantry Museum down at Fort Benning in Columbus, GA. Amongst other things they had an example of a rocket missile launcher thing (I’m a girl, not an expert on ammo) called “the Davey Crocket”

The Davey Crocket was small missile that carried a small nuclear war head. It was made to be launched by a single person. The thing came with a miniature tripod looking thing to support it for launch.

So if you were a soldier, you carried this thing on your back to within range of whatever it was you were trying to kill, then you lit the fuse……

……………………and then you died.

Turns out that the range of the missile itself (how far it travels in the air) was SMALLER than the area it would affect ( how much area the blast would cover). So there was NO POSSIBLE WAY to get out of the blast range of the wretched thing before it would hit the target, explode and kill you.  Even if you used a jeep.  If you pulled the trigger, you died.  Period.

Eventually the US army stopped making them as no soldier was dumb enough to use it.

Now in a sense, speaking words of encouragement or praise is sort of like that only in a positive way. There is no way to speak kindness to someone and not be hit with it yourself. Isn’t that cool? God made it so that when we speak good to others, we get immediate good in return. Straight from HIM.

I love it when that happens.

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