Do you remember the BBC show “connections” ? it was a science show….well kind of, it sort of was a history show…..but it also …, it made a lot of connections okay?

The narrator jumped back and forth through history and pulled together tidbits of knowledge from history, science, math, philosophy (all those things we didn’t pay attention to in school) and made it all make sense.

Sometimes I find myself wondering if Heaven is going to be like that. Am I going to get to watch a movie of my life with Jesus making the connections and making it all make sense? am I ever going to know where I fit?

Cause right now, I’ll be honest: there’s a lot that isn’t making sense to me.  Especially when I sit in the room that we have prepared for a mother and baby and get the news that they might not come after all.  She might decide to stay with her abusive boyfriend.

Did you know that you can hit a person, in the head, with a board, hard enough to make them cry and give them a headache for two days AND IT DOESN’T SHOW ON THEIR SKIN !!!!!!

My hubby ACCIDENTALLY hit me in the head with a board this past weekend. We were taking apart a bed and one of the rails wouldn’t come out of the head board. So I obligingly knelt down and held the head board down so Martin could pry the rail loose. I remember seeing it come free and thinking “great!” and then the next thought was “uh-oh”  right before I got smacked on my right temple.

Oh buddy it HURT. But there is no bruise. You’d think that there would be. I mean, a BOARD t0 the HEAD for goodness sake!!!!

So my strange brain has started wondering how many women out there are getting hit on a daily basis and no one ever knows

Because    it     doesn’t      show.

Which leads me back to this friend of a friend of a friend who just MIGHT come up and stay with us to get away from the man who is abusing her and might, just might, give us her baby. And I (with my weird brain) just have to wonder: did God LET me get hit in the head Saturday so I would have a bit more sympathy for her?


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