I love comments

I just had a conversation with a friend of mine who I hadn’t heard from in months. I had been really worried about her, but she’s okay.

The funny part is this.

Here I was trying to track her down so I could hear from her (I even called her folks. That’s how worried I was) and it turns out…..

She.   Reads.   My.   Blog.

But she never comments. Irony.

So here it is, your engraved invitation

If you read this blog, please comment.

The writer really loves that sort of thing.

It feeds her ego. 


the Management

You will find the comment link below the post. Please just click it and follow the directions.  If it says “no comments” that doesn’t mean don’t post, that means no one has posted…yet!  so you get to be first.



4 thoughts on “I love comments

  1. OK, OK, I will comment. But just remember , my comments are candid. That is one thing about me that has never changed. In fact people know that if they want the honest truth, just as Janna. The young women I work with at church who are all between 24 and 30, love the fact that they see an honest, down to earth Christian. They say I don’t pretend to be something I am not. I just tell them that what you see is what you get. Believe me, I have ruffled some feathers but I am who I am and if God accepts me then I shouldn’t worry about if other people do. The people who love me accept me the way I am. Anyway…..

    Has that ever bothered me? in all these years? you just go right ahead and be yourself.


  2. I’ve never read your blog before, but if I didn’t comment I knew I was going to wander down the net and feel guilty for hours.

    Don’t feel guilty. I was mostly playing off something a freind had said to me.


  3. Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment! And thank you for your kind words. I really do appreciate them. It’s very touching to receive genuine concern and encouragement from someone I’ve never met. 🙂
    And I totally hear you on the leaving comments thing. Delurking is delightful, right?
    Again, thank you for lavishing your kindness on strangers. 🙂

    I can’t take credit. Some people won’t believe me when I say this, but it really was God leading me to your blog that day and God’s kind words that flowed off my keyboard.


  4. Good morning,
    I am home from school this morning because school is closed. It was 47 degrees last night when I went to bed and this morning it is 17 with a windchill below 0. We have had wind gust of up to 65 mph. I have to assume we have no power at school. It is also snowing right now.
    The wind is so strong it blew in the back door of Buffalo City Hall and is pushing the water in the lakes to 10 feet above normal.


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