when a 14-year-old says it’s too gory……

Okay, so I love musicals, right?

and my brother played Sweeny Todd in Highscool and did a fantastic job! (not just my opinion by the way, the local paper said he was scary. “Too creepy to possibly be a teenager” or some such comment that indicated their awe of his towering talent.)

Anyway, I love the music from Sweeny Todd. My family will sing bits and pieces of that thing at the drop of a hat. It’s rather disconcerting for guests actually, to be sitting at a table full of my family and we all break into song with (from their perspective) no warning whatsoever. What they don’t realize of course is that something that has been said at the table has given us a cue and off we go into “it’s Priest, have a little Priest. Is it really good? Sir, it’s too good at least.” Leaving our guests wondering what on earth they have stumbled into.

When we heard that Tim Burton was doing a new movie version of Todd my family was thrilled. Hoooray! Yipee! We shall all go. It will be a family outing. We will sing along with the movie. Wonderful.

Then the trailers came out and it seemed a bit….dark. Yes, I know, I know it IS about a guy who goes around killing people indescriminately but on STAGE you can only get just so gory, so the true depth of darkness doesn’t really come across. Also OUR memories of the songs are fun and filled with laughter. Because we sing them around a table or on road trips. This was clearly not the…..um…feel that Mr Burton was aiming for.

So the movie came out, and I put off going to see it. Christmas week just didn’t seem like a good time for blood and carnage on that level. Not really in the Christmas spirit, ya know? and now weeks later, I get an email from my 14 year old, goth-inclined niece. She has gone to see the movie. Guess who took her? My brother (her dad) who once played Sweeny Todd.

my niece emailed me afterwards to inform me that I probably shouldn’t see the movie as it was, now get this

Too gory for my brother (her daddy) to handle!!!!!

Well, I guess I’ll be striking Sweeny Todd off my list of possible movies to see. When a modern-era, 14 year-old, gothic tomboy who loves vampire movies and japanese anime violence tells you that it’s too gory,…..folks. its. too. gory.

oh well. There’s always the sound track.


2 thoughts on “when a 14-year-old says it’s too gory……

  1. No, no! I saw it and loved it. Yes, it’s gory. But I wouldn’t say it’s too gory. I mean, how gory is a movie about a serial throat-cutter supposed to be, anyway?

    But there are a lot of great things about it. Yes, it’s dark, but also humorous. The scenery is great, and yet Tim Burton kept the feel of the rotating set from the stageshow. And he manages to fill in the scenic gaps without changing the story at all.

    Now, granted, the cast selected is not known for it’s musical pipes. Johnny Depp is no George Hearn, and Alan Rickman kinda growls his songs along. So for sheer listening enjoyment, stick to the musical soundtrack and don’t buy the film soundtrack.

    But if you like Sweeney Todd, you really should see this before you dismiss it. In fact, see it twice. ;- )

    I’m thinking it’s gonna be a rental at best. Less overwhelming. And if it gets to be too much I can pause it and go throw up.


  2. It is so funny because when I heard the movie was coming out the first thought I had was that I knew a friend of mine, her brother played Sweeney Todd. I have never seen the play but what I knew of it, he was the perfect candidate. I haven’t seen the movie but the previews I saw again made me think that he probably was a perfect fit. I didn’t go see the movie because if I want to see a musical, I’ll go to Broadway. Thanks again for reminding me of my youth.

    any time Mo, any time. 😉


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