Monday. *sigh*

It’s Monday. What did I get done all weekend?

Did I clean out the pantry? nope.

Did I cook gourmet meals for my hubby? nope.   Although I did throw together a really good lentil soup….’nother story, ‘nother day

Did I get lots of exercise? nope

Did I get lots of rest? nope

So what did I do all weekend?


Yup. Our home office had been buried under loads and loads of “I’ll file that later” and “I need to read that…someday” and “this needs to be looked into”

For about the last two years (yes, really, two years) Martin and I have been treading water when it comes to the home office. We get the mail, we sort quickly through it and pull out the bills, we pay them and then QUICKLY open-the-door-to-the-office-and-toss-it-in. Now, shut-the-door-quick-before-anything-leaps-out-of-there!

Anyone else have a room like that in their house? or am I the only one?

Anyway, since I was feeling puny (lingering cough from a respiratory infection), Martin brought me pile after pile of STUFF to go through and we methodically worked our way through the whole office. As I got done sorting things, he would take them in and file them. We even got to dust the surfaces!

What was our reward for all this hard work? When we were done (and could finally see our desks again and get to our keyboards) we played a computer game together and went to bed.

yeesh, I’m getting old.


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