very cool valentines present

I just found out what my Valentines present is this year.

It’s really really cool.

It’s a new Fridge ! (ice box, refrigerator, ice cream storage device, or – my mom’s favorite- the piano*)

See? I told you it was cool. I’m so thrilled. Really.

It’s the new French door style with the freezer on the bottom and it’s stainless steel and I got to pick it out myself.

I am, apparently, really really super picky about fridges. I wouldn’t have thought I would be, but I kept looking and looking and looking. I’d open one after another and say “Nope. Nope, not this one, let’s keep looking.”

When I finally opened this one I said “Yes, this is it. I’m home.”

Martin came over and looked at it and immediately got all logical and male on me and wanted to know WHAT it was about this one in particular that felt “right” to me. As opposed to others with “exactly the same features”

Heavens, I DON’T know. All I know is that standing in front of it, with the doors open,……… feels right.

So. That’s it. It’s been ordered and should arrive tomorrow or Thursday. Yipee!

Now, what should I get for HIM for Valentines? Fridge magnets maybe? Any suggestions?

*Yes, my mom regularly confuses the names of large objects.  Our two family favorites are when she waves at the musical instrument and calls it the fridge and when she asks you to get the Jello out of the piano.  The first time she did it I laughed till I cried.

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