just in time…..

do you ever feel like God gives you a lesson just in time for you to pass it on to a friend or a random person who needs it?

I just had that happen.

This week in my small group Bible study we were working on tuning out the Noise of our daily lives and learning to listen to God.

An example was given of the ocean. If you visit the ocean during the day and stand half way between “the strip” and the actual water line, you may have trouble hearing the waves.  But if you wait till night time, or if you go right up to the water’s edge the sound will overwhelm you.

Sometimes listening for God can be like that. We complain that we just can’t hear God talking to us the way he did to the prophets in the Old Testament. But when was the last time YOU spent 40 days just listening for the “still small voice” of God?

Maybe the reason we can’t hear is that we are too tuned in to the noise of our lives and we need to learn how to tune that stuff out so we can hear God.

Is there anything more amazing than the thought of being spoken to directly by God?

Now maybe you don’t have 40 days to devote to listening in the wilderness. But I’ll bet you have 40 minutes. Before you start telling me all the things on your calendar, stop and think: God wants to speak to you. Are you seriously telling me that you don’t want to take the call?


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