I made my husband cry

Okay, I know I’m not supposed to enjoy this. I KNOW it’s evil. I mean its Valentines Day for pete’s sake. But I am SOOOOOOOOO loving this.

I Made my husband CRY!!!!!

First you have to understand that I’m really enjoying this blog thing. I’ve never spent this much time crafting good written pieces before. I’ve told occasional stories live to audiences, but never stuff from my own heart and past the way I do here on the blog.

Now most of what I write here I don’t spend hours crafting, but there is one post that I did spend a couple of hours on before I posted it.

It was a true story from my childhood and I wanted to tell it properly. I wanted to craft it so that I didn’t just tell the story, I wanted it to have impact. I wanted it to grab the reader.

And I succeeded. I knew I got it right the night I made my husband read it. And He Cried.

btw, can you guess which post it is?


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