underwhelmed…kind of

For the record, Martin and I had a lovely Valentines.

First off he delivered flowers to me in the middle of the work day PERSONALLY.  My co-workers are all still green with envy.  Then, on the way home, we spontaneously stopped at a local restaurant we’ve been meaning to try.  The waiter was a little too enthusiastic.  The conversation was great.  The salmon curry was fantastic.  It wasn’t the most romantic of evenings.  But it was so US, ya know?

anyway, on to the actual subject of the day…….

So I finally, yes, finally saw the Errol Flynn version of Robin Hood. A Classic. One everyone should see. um………yea, riiiiiight.

anybody mind if I’m honest here?



It was sooo bad! Even for a movie made in that era (1938) it was just bad. The acting I mean. Flynn and his cohorts look like they got together to play at being Robin and the boys, not to actually make a film. I mean Flynn looks like he is about to crack up at any moment and just roll on the floor laughing. And I kept expecting Marian to say “Ashley!” and faint…..

Oddly enough though, they got some things right.

For instance, as long as you completely ignore the necklines, the dance tights (and Maid Marion’s outfits) the costuming was not hideous.

The thing that impressed me was the dogs eating in the background right on the edges of the feast hall. There were also other little details that I noticed at the time (but can’t recall now) that made me think. “hmmmmmm. Somebody did some research for this” They took liberties I’ll grant you, but they did DO the research first.

I don’t know what this post has do to with anything in particular. It’s just that I saw the movie finally and wanted to record how I felt about it. I MUCH prefer the Kevin Costner version, it’s funny but it’s so much more REAL.

Go back and look at the scenes (in the Errol Flynn version) where Robin’s men are “hiding” in the trees waiting to jump out. I mean honestly. Did movie producers really think people in the 30’s actually that DUMB that they had to show you legs and arms hanging out from behind greenery or the audience wouldn’t know they were there? give me a break.

Also Errol Flynn reminds me of the guy who played RobinHood in the spoof version “Men in Tights” which didn’t help with taking the movie seriously.


2 thoughts on “underwhelmed…kind of

  1. Three things:

    1) In 1938, people really WERE that naive…at least about the Middle Ages. They didn’t care about the necklines, they didn’t care about the tights, they SURE AS HECK didn’t care about the arms and legs hanging out. All they cared about was the TECHNICOLOR!

    2) Don’t you DARE pick on Olivia de Havilland! Ever! Livvie was a BABE!!

    3) “RH:POT” more “REAL”? Hmm. Let’s see: black Muslim best friend? Had about as much likelihood of escaping a lynching in 1159 England as he’d have had in 1959 Mississippi. Hmm. Christian Slater as Will Scarlet, who is actually Robin’s illegitimate brother. Hello?!? I don’t remember that in my childhood freakin’ storybooks! And finally, at least King Richard in AoRH wasn’t a FREAKIN’ SCOTSMAN!!! PuuuUUUUUHHHHHLLLLEEAAAAZZZE!!!!

    Oh, and by the way: Cary Elwes was doing a PARODY of Errol Flynn in RH:MiT, sweetie. And a very good one.

    The only thing that saved Prince of Heaves was Alan Rickman. And “Cancel Christmas!” still can’t compete with “You speak treason!”…”Fluently!”

    Shall we agree to disagree?

    sure. My husband pointed out that what I really had a problem with was mostly Errol Flynn’s goofy personality. It worked when he was eating the King’s mutton with his feet propped up on the King’s table. but when he was trying to be romantic with “Miss Melanie” he cracked me up.


  2. I’m constantly underwhelmed by the “greats” of film history.
    Citizen Kane sucked out loud.
    Ten Commandments – Yawn.
    And what’s with It’s a Wonderful Life? Not uplifting in the least? Why is it a classic again?
    And, as far as literature goes, there was NO romance in Wuthering Heights, and Journey to the Center of the Earth was just unrealistic.
    And I didn’t like Cats either.
    Now, lest you think me a complete nay sayer, I think the most underrated classic movie ever is “Harvey.” I recommend it highly. There’s a Jimmy Stewart roll I can get behind.

    Well I ADORE “cats” but its a musical, so it has that going for it. Otherwise I think you are spot on in your assessments. Maybe we should become movie critics. Can one make a living that way?


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