who gets the remote now?

There’s going to be a fair amount of “movie reviews” showing up on my blog between now and August.


Am I a movie buff? no.

Do I feel I have something to add to the famous critics and pundits who review each and every piece of fluff that comes out of Hollywood? no.

So why am I going to be reviewing movies?

You see, it has to do with who gets to control the remote in our home.

for those who don’t know, I’m a sports nut. Olympics, soccer, ice skating, gymnastics, but mostly…… Football. From August to February I have no time for ANYTHING on TV except football. Okay, okay I do watch Good Eats and I MADE time on the PVR for the Sarah Connor Chronicles, but that’s it really. Just Good Eats and Football.

Now my husband, on the other hand, is a movie nut. He loves movies. and he wants to share them with me. He also loves Science Fiction series (Babylon5, Farscape etc….) and he wants to share those with me as well.

But as long as it’s football season, there are not enough hours in the week for me to get through all the games I HAVE to watch.

By the time you count all the high school games on Friday, the college games on Saturday and the pro games on Sunday and Monday….whew! thats a lot of hours.

Thank heaven for the PVR. At least I can record my week of football and then “power through” the games by hitting the skip button after each play. The skip button (for those who don’t have one) sends you forward in time by 30 seconds. Do you know how long the commentators spend discussing exactly NOTHING between each actual football play? that’s right boys and girls: 30 seconds. Coincidence? I think not. I think the inventor of the PVR was a football fan.
My poor sweet hubby, who really didn’t care about football before he met me, but now knows more about the rules than I do has made a deal with me:

the #1 rule to keep peace in our home

Deirdre shall maintain control of the remote from August till February, after which time Martin shall retain sole ownership and control of said remote with all privilidges pertaining thereto.

So, from early February through Kickoff in August I have to watch whatever he wants.

Not a bad trade actually. But since he’s a movie buff, and since I can’t resist giving my opinion. ever. I will be subjecting you to movie reviews.



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