my boss is baiting me

I discovered today that my boss knows me waaaaaay too well.

When I walked in to work this morning he was standing near my desk having a discussion about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue with another co-worker.

I let him talk for about three sentences.  Just long enough for me to clock in.

Then I politely jumped into the conversation and let my opinion on the subject be known.

At which point Todd doubles over with laughter.


I was giving a serious opinion!  This is not laughing matter! we are talking about the degeneration of morals and the objectification of all peoples (not just women) and the damage this does to….

He’s STILL laughing at me.

Turns out he was baiting me.  He had set up the whole scene  just to see how long I could go without inserting an opinion.   Three sentences as it turns out.

Great.  So now my boss’ favorite sport is finding subjects which are certain to draw me into an argument.   Lovely.

Fun though.  I do love a good argument.


One thought on “my boss is baiting me

  1. Ooooh that sounds dangerous! At least you know it’s a setup. ;- )

    and he’s fun to argue with and really does enjoy a good argument. Trouble is that with most of these off-the-cuff things I haven’t really marshaled my arguments so he bests me regularly


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