zoom zoom zoom

you know the Mazda commercial? the zoomzoomzoom ones? Well I’ve decided to re-name my cat.

or at least to name her “welcome home” personality.

When we get home in the evenings she has a routine.

First Kenya comes tearing down the steps and stops at about eye level and meows till her daddy picks her up.  It must be Daddy. Mommy is not simply good enough.  She will accept me as a decent substitute but if he is anywhere within sight, she wants her Daddy.

Then after about 4 minutes perched on daddy’s chest/shoulder (during which poor Martin can get nothing done….unless it’s one handed) she starts to get squirmy. He lets her down.

Next, she goes exploring through the house. Why? to see if we dropped off any kitty treats? I’m not sure. But this is definitely part of the routine.

After a few minutes of patrolling the house, she comes back to daddy and wants back up. But this time the “request” is made with cute little chirrups and mews. She is REALLY good at the cute little chirrups.

This gets repeated ad naseum as long as we are on the main floor. When we go up to the master bedroom though, things change.

She MUST dash up the steps ahead of us. Then she spends the next 7 minutes running at full tilt from room to room and up furniture and over people……chirruping all the way.

This is the point at which I want to rename her: Mazda Kat



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