the icky side of life

I must admit that I don’t understand people that suffer through working while they are sick.

They are endangering everyone around them AND they are miserable AND they aren’t getting a lot done anyway AND they are prolonging the time it will take for their bodies to heal.

So why do they it?

For the same reason that we unconsciously give brownie points to people who are “dedicated enough to come in to work even when they aren’t feeling well”; we think it shows something good about their character.  A willingness to get the job done.

That may be true if you are the sole caretaker for a bunch of kids out in the middle of the prairie.  Or  if you are running supplies to an outpost in the arctic.

But, let’s face it. Most of us do not have jobs that are all that urgent.  No one is going to fall down dead if my report doesn’t get run this week.

I’m not an air traffic controller, I’m not a brain surgeon.

But you know what? I would HOPE that neither one of them would come in to work sick either!!!!!

I think we need to praise people for staying home when they are sick.

We also need to pester the few imprudent souls who bring germs to work to turn around and take themselves and their icky companions home.

I don’t want to work with icky people.

2 thoughts on “the icky side of life

  1. You know what? I totally agree.
    I don’t want to work when I’m sick and I don’t want anyone else to, either.
    For me, working while sick is basically me being too afraid to call a boss to tell them I won’t be in.
    My fear is that they will think that because I’m young and have a life outside work that I must just be hungover or something.
    If that fear was to be eradicated and there was more trust between employers and employees, then I think something might change.
    Great post!


  2. LOL! I wholeheartedly agree! Whenever I hear people coughing in the lab, not only do I want to run away as fast as I can, I want to thump them on the head and say, “Why are you here! No lives will be saved by you doing French drills today. GO AWAY.”

    I finally succeeded in sending our office manager home. She’s been losing her voice all day and we all knew she needed to go, but………


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