Photographing my life

Most of you (all four of my readers) know that my husband and I are looking toward adoption. One of the things we have to do when applying is put together a portfolio of photos and information about ourselves and our life.

So I’m looking at this list of photos that the agency wants us to submit so they can go through them and pick out the ones to go in the portfolio.

They want “between 80 and 100 pictures” Some of the suggested photos are

  • 8 or more shots of husband & wife (posed and un posed)
  • 15 or more active pictures of the couple(riding bikes, playing tennis, opening presents, wedding pictures, on vacation etc)
  • 4 or more photos of husband with children (does not have to be your own children)
  • 4 or more photos of wife with children (does not have to be our own kids)****it’s good that they don’t require that it be our kids……..since we don’t have any!****
  • 10 or more photos of the husband alone
  • 10 or more photos of the wife alone
  • 8 or more photos of extended family
  • 5 or more photos of house

Okay, maybe I’m just weird, but I don’t live with a camera in my hand. The best, most recent photos of us were at the wedding, which was two and half years ago!!!!!

Does ANYONE have this number of photos just hanging around waiting to be sent in? I’m going to have to stage half this stuff! I mean, is it weird that we take pictures of our Christmas tree but we don’t take pictures of each other in front of it? I think people with no kids generally don’t wander around taking photos of every event in their lives. But maybe I’m wrong.

The other problem of course is that Martin and I are involved in a historical recreation group, so the over whelming majority of our photos with friends and action photos (camping etc….) are going to be in funny clothes.

Tormod & Emma

If you are interested you can go here or here to find out more about what we do with our spare time.

This is going to be sooo much fun to explain to the agency, but I’m NOT going to fake our recreational activities! I’m not going to go out and buy a tennis outfit to set up shots (haha) of us doing something that we just don’t do!

We sing in our church choir, we work and we do historical re-enactment. None of which are activities that generally involve holding a camera.

So there you are. That’s where my head is today.

deal with it.


2 thoughts on “Photographing my life

  1. Congratulations on your decision to adopt. We are there as well. I have never heard of an agency requesting so many pictures. Who has that many, other than a photographer? We only had to send 10, and that required us taking about 6. :o)

    It’s actually a Christian consulting firm that helps couples manage the adoption process. They ask for that many so they can help us pick what best represents us. I’m really excited about it.


  2. You should tell them that you don’t have that many pics, that your hands are so full of the joy of experiencing life together, that you don’t have room for a camera!

    I was flumoxed when you explained the request. I have that many pics of my pets, but not that many of Tony and I. I’d have to go and stage some, as well. I take lots of pics of my family, but not many pics of me -with- my family.

    But you’re right, I don’t think childless couples take nearly as many pics as childed couples.

    Well the more I think about it, we do have stuff we can take pictures of (Journey to Bethlehem, choir, disc golf, swimming)…. I just have to remember to live with the camera grafted on to my hand for the next few weeks. And borrow every child of a friend I can get my hands on.


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