chocolate… or suffering. your pick.

I didn’t used to like chocolate. At all.


You heard me right. I didn’t like chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, chocolate bunnies at Easter or little chocolate pumpkins at Halloween.  I’d trade them for caramels, or those bit-o-honey things, or an orange, or even Brazil nuts.  Can you imagine seeing your kids on Christmas morning and one of your children is offering to sell her chocolates to the highest bidder…..of oranges and nuts?

Eventually I gained some appearance of normalcy when I discovered fudge popsicles. And I learned that I loved chocolate covered cherries.

It’s not that I hated chocolate, it’s just that given a choice between chocolate ice cream and coffee ice cream I was going to pick the coffee every time. Even as a little kid. I went for the black cherry while everyone else dove straight for the chocolate.

My mom says it is her fault. She apparently ate a lot of popcorn and chocolate when she was pregnant with me and it took me years to develop an appreciation for either food. weird.

Anyway…..about 8 or 9 years ago somebody, I forget who, mentioned that chocolate was a great comfort food for them when they were….um….experiencing the monthly visit from Aunt Flo. They said that was the one time of the month when they really liked chocolate.

So I tried it…and they were right. For this one week of every month,


I’ve even discovered that I seem to stay in a better mood during this physically messed up week if I have a fairly constant supply of chocolate. It doesn’t do anything for the pain, but it does wonders for my frame of mind.

weird. So if you know I’m in *that* week and you have any favors to ask of me, just feed me chocolate, wait ten minutes or so, and then ask away.

If you don’t follow the procedure, you will be made to suffer.

To ensure the safety of my co-workers I have at my desk a box of home made fudge that my mother made. So until that runs out………….the world is a safe place to be.


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