driving to heaven

I generally have a lead foot on the highway. I think it’s cause I’m visually bored. I mean there’s just not much to look at.

the long ribbon of asphalt (or pavement)

the median

the trees on each side

the little yellow dashes that go tripping by

only the occasional billboard.

yup. driving during the day is the most boring thing imaginable.

Now night driving, on the other hand, is exciting. First off I’m getting to stay up all night. It appeals to my inner twelve-year-old. I must not have gotten to go to enough lock-ins and “sleep-overs” as a kid.

Secondly driving at night is more stimulating. I arrive at my destination absolutely wired and ready for anything. Whereas if I were to do the exact same trip during the day I would arrive wiped out and ready for a nap.

Night driving didn’t become a part of my life until I was out on my own though. My parents definitely didn’t like driving at night. We always drove during the day unless it was an emergency. Maybe that’s why night driving still makes me feel like I’m on an adventure?

Anyway, I recall this one time we were heading back from North Carolina to our town. Interstate 85 goes sort of west-southwest at that point so I am driving almost straight into the sun. Or sun-set actually.

It was stunning. The clouds were structured just right so that when the sun dipped below them the sunset colors spread all across the whole sky. And I do mean the whole sky. The colors were an amazing range from neon pinks and golds all the way to fluffy pastel wisps. It looked like the gates of heaven. Or at least what the gates of heaven might look like if they were made out of clouds….

I think my brother and my dad were both asleep so mother and I just oooooooed and ahhhhhed for a while. Enjoying the moment. Then my mother leaned over (to check the gas gauge maybe?) and noticed something:

“um, DeeDee….you are going over 100 mph”


We decided that if a cop did stop us I’d have to tell him I’d been trying to get to heaven…….by car.


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