dreaming of adopting……

On the way to work this morning I start telling my loving wonderful husband about a dream I had last night.

It was all about adoption. We were allowed to bring first one, then the other of these kids home and play with them and take photos with them.

The girl had black hair but something had scarred her forehead right at the hair line so she had a white streak in her bangs. I knew her name: it was Victorianna

The little boy, Bryan, had curly blonde hair and dirty feet. He loved to stand on my hip and bounce.

So I’m telling this sweet dream to my husband and he starts laughing at me.


How is this funny? I’m dreaming about adoption for goodness sake. This is not funny, it was sweet and serious and joyful (and sad because we were going to have to pick between the two kids) and…….

He’s still laughing.

Alright. WHAT is so funny?

so then he says “Remember when we adopted our dogs? Kirby and Lucy?”

um….yeah. so?

“Well, we thought we were going to have to pick between them, but we ended up taking both. And we got to play with them and walk them all around and take pictures with them…..and the girl is black with a white spot on her forehead and the boy is a dirty blonde who likes to dig, so his paws are always dirty….”

oh. well that explains why Victorianna was licking my fingers in the dream.



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