oh the guilt !

I just went to a fabulous lunch with my co-workers.

A couple of months ago we won a $100 gift card to a local restaurant and we’ve been trying to find a good time when we could all go to lunch ever since. We meet every Monday morning and the subject always comes up. But people have meetings and other commitments that come up later in the week so we never go. But we almost all mysteriously seem to have Monday lunches available. We finally decided at this morning’s staff meeting that we just needed to seize the day and go for it. We were all here today so we just went.

It was wonderful. I had the most amazing butternut squash ravioli, the wine was good, the tiramisu was outstanding. The company was hysterical. In short we had a great time.

It was honestly the most I’ve eaten at any one setting since before I got sick back on March 12.

Since getting sick I’ve mostly been eating small portions of saltines, dried fruits, lots of water, and the occasional morsel of protein. Consequently I’ve been losing weight. I went from 178 before vacation to 169 at my last weigh in on Wednesday. Yay Me!

So today was in the nature of a splurge. Guilt free because – since I didn’t have to pay for it – my family will never know, right?


I get back to my desk and the first thing I see is an email from my 14 year old niece saying “our whole family is overweight” and she is challenging us EACH to lose 30 pounds.

oh great.

So now I’ve been challenged by a 14 year old to lose 30 pounds. I mean I was going to lose it anyway, but now I’m on the spot.

so for the record, I currently (before lunch) weigh 169, so I will need to get down to 139 to meet Ivey’s challenge.

Update: because of that lunch I went back up to 171.  so my starting weight at the beginning of this challenge is 171. grumpgrumblegrouse 


the eyes of Texas….or the hand of God?

Thursday Martin and I spent all day going from one government office to the next all over the county getting our home study (for adoption) paperwork handled. We needed background checks and criminal records checks and DFCS paperwork and copies of legal files and and and and……lots of stuff. Lots of stops. Lots of parking, getting out of the car, entering yet another government building, submitting to yet another security search, fill out the forms, stand in line. etc…..
Now I’m accustomed to expecting recalcitrant and reluctant service from government employees (at best). It’s just the best you can hope for from a day at the county court house, right?

But every where we went yesterday we were greeted by happy people, smiles and willing, helpful, solicitous service. Government employees actually….now are you ready for this? OFFERED unasked for, HELPFUL hints and granted unmerited favors!

WOW. It was a magnificent day.

We have two theories about how this completely unnatural state of affairs came about.

Theory One. God loves us and was watching over us. He went before us and made our path smooth.

Theory two. Texas is doing well in the NCAA basketball tournament and ALL civil servants in our county are Texas fans. I had on Texas colors and Martin wore a University of Texas shirt. How we had dressed was a complete coincidence but it sure seemed to help our cause.

Honestly it was almost freaky.

busy as a bunny

In a totally metaphorical sense I am currently engaged in making babies.

My husband and I are filling out paperwork, going through background checks and jumping through all the hoops that constitute the “home study” and application part of beginning an adoption.

Before anybody gets excited, no we are not yet matched with a birth mom. These are just the hoops you have to get through BEFORE you get to look at potential matches.

But I just wanted to post to let you know why I may not find time to write quite as much for the next week or so.

By the way, so far Christian Adoption Consultants has been wonderful! They are so professional and talented. And they are FUN which is very important when you are dealing with us. Martin and I both love to laugh and if we had gone to this meeting and found people who were stiff or formal we would have been doomed. But Amy, Malcolm and Cheri are fun, casual and caring. So we will get along just fine.

Everybody pray, okay? Pray for us to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s and pray for our birth mom (whoever and wherever she is) to be healthy and happy and supported in her decision.

the important things in life

There are some things every human being just needs to know.

More than that, they need to experience it first hand. Important stuff……….like learning to blow dandelion fluff.

Here’s my friend Ethan teaching me this highly technical and necessary life skill

Ethan shows me the flower

Since I’m not doing too good at it, Ethan takes over the job and shows me how it’s really done

Ethan blows it himself

Apparently it involves more spit than I was willing to put into it.

lesson learned.

new movie rules

Dyeing eggs with Ivey

As I dyed eggs this past Saturday with my 14-year-old niece, we were goofing around and at some point the subject of the new Indiana Jones movie came up.

My husband and I were stunned to discover that Ivey hadn’t ever seen “Raiders of the Lost Ark” clearly this was an oversight that needed to be corrected. The child clearly can not exist in today’s culture without some important pillars of Americana: apple pie, 4th of July fire works, and an adolescent crush on Indy. I mean come on! this is basic stuff. Like learning to tie your own shoes, or riding a bike.

So we rush out and buy a copy of all three movies. Getting just one turned out to be impossible due to the new movie getting ready to come out. the stores don’t want to get us for just the $18 bucks a copy of Raiders would cost, no….they want the full $50 for a 3 DVD set WITH bonus material. *sigh*

Now I have a house full of Easter guests and a movie I am dying to see. I figure the kids will play out after one egg hunt and the adults (including the 14-year-old) can watch the movie in peace.

I may have mentioned this on my blog at some point; nothing in my family ever goes according to plan.

We’ve been to church (wonderful service. I think even Ivey enjoyed it), we’ve had our ham, we’ve hunted eggs (gorgeous day, by the way), we’ve had ice cream and cake. Are the kids the least bit tired? nope. It’s the grown ups who are all laid out on sofas moaning about “no, please no more egg hunts, can’t we just sit down for a while?”


The kids are bouncy and happy and ready for more eggs and a game of croquet.

Croquet with Aaron

Yes, croquet. I believe I mentioned that my family is weird?

We finally get everybody settled. Turn on the movie………….

……..and no one will stop talking. Actually thats not fair. The 2 year old was asleep in his mother’s arms. The 11 year old was quiet. It was my mother and my 37 year-old brother who wouldn’t be quiet. And my dad who wants to have everything explained to him as the movie goes along.

I don’t know about you, but my suspension of disbelief goes right out the window when I have to pause a movie. So here I am, in a room full of people who won’t be quiet, trying to showcase this IMPORTANT, CLASSIC film to my impressionable niece and once every ten minutes or so, my brother pipes up with “hey, wait, pause it for a sec”


so I have a new rule: don’t try to show Ivey any new movies with her parents there. It just doesn’t work out.

that’s my Easter story. What’s yours?

my head is spinning

So here I am at my desk with a head that is spinning and hands that tremble slightly.

why? you ask………

Well I was sick last week. Yes, on my vacation. While living in a tent. I got that horrible intestinal ICK that has been going around. You know the one, where you vomit and otherwise lose everything your stomach ever contained in the space of 24 hours. yup. That one. Ever woken up in a tent and had to wonder if you can make it out before you barf?

Yup. That was my vacation.

So what does that have to do with drinking at work?

just hang on, I’m getting there.

so I was sick from Wednesday till Sunday with the instinal ICK and ON TOP OF THAT, when we got back to the South my body decided to have a total allergic reaction to spring. So at that point it’s Monday, I’m home. I’ve lost 6 pounds from being sick, and now I can’t breathe without coughing. Oh yeah, I am so not going to make it through a day at work, never mind trying to sing for Easter services.

So I hie me off to the doctor’s office where he prescribes all kinds of things, one of which is a heavy codeine cough medicine. Obviously I can’t take this stuff and drive, but I don’t drive to work, I ride. No regulation against that, right?

glug glug. wait 20 minutes….and tada! no more cough. great!


We arrive at my work. I sit forward to get out of the car and realize


my head is now spinning. And typing is a real joy let me tell you.

I’ve taken coedine cough medicine during the day before and it’s never had this much effect. What’s up? Then I remembered: I’ve been sick for over a week. I’ve lost 6 pounds and I’m still only eating little tiny bits of very bland food at a time. So I’ve basically taken a full dose of codeine on an (essentialy) empty stomach.



So I’m looped out at work. At least I don’t operate heavy machinery.

have a good day. 😉

okay, okay. I recant

This is not about my belief in God. On that I stand firm.

This is about a movie review I did earlier this year where I said that I didn’t like Errol Flynn. (Feb 15. “who gets the remote now?”)

Okay. I was wrong.

Turns out that I didn’t like Errol Flynn IN THE MOVIE “Robinhood”

I just saw “the SeaHawk” this past Saturday and loved it. I think the fact that it was black & white may have helped.

Yes, it’s still kinda goofy because of the stylistic nature of films from that time period. But at least Errol took the role seriously. He didn’t look like he was going to bust out laughing any moment (as he DID in Robinhood). I require my actors to suspend their own disbelief before I can even try to suspend mine, ya know?

So anyway, here I am, humbly apologizing to all Errol Flynn fans that I insulted in my previous post. He’s okay. And he’s pretty easy on the eyes too.