I could NEVER do that!

You know, there are some things you just know about yourself without having to really stop and consider.

People in my office today were talking about how much they would love to have a home makeover. How great it would be to have some stranger (and some of those TV show designers are VERY strange) come in and impart a sense of style, or a way to get rid of clutter, or give them a plan of organization.

Without having to think about it though, I already know this is something that does NOT appeal to me. At all.

I like watching them do it to OTHER people (poor saps). But I can not imagine letting those weird designer people into MY house for anything other than a tour for me to show off how great *MY* style, organization and decor is.

Just as a for instance, any designer that walks into my living room is going to immediately say “oh heavens! This is a cluttered up mess! We must clear away 90 percent of all these books and movies so that you can have a clean slate to build on. This looks very disorganized”

But it’s not. It really IS organized.

There are floor to ceiling bookshelves all the way around the room. The top two shelves (all the way around the room) are fiction books. The next two shelves (all the way around the room) are movies. The bottom two shelves (all the way….you get it) are research books. And it’s ALL catalogued in our computer. Search-able by title, author/director, genre and subject matter.

Now how could that possibly be considered as disorganized?

Okay, fine. If I had money to burn I would have every single book and movie re-bound or covered in leather cases so that the entire room had a more uniform look. It would go with the rest of the room, which features leather furniture in red and various browns. But honestly, is that worth it? I’ve seen people BUY wallpaper that was made to LOOK LIKE a cluttered library (complete with a cat sleeping on a sun-drenched shelf), so shouldn’t my real life library/living room count as stylish?

Hasn’t anyone ever heard of a living room done in “a horse emphasis with elements of our Texas ranching background and our English fox-hunting background mushed together” ?????

What do you mean it doesn’t really fit the classic definitions? Think outside the box people! Work with me here.



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