if it rains all week, just quack like a duck

So does anyone else remember a very cute McDonald’s commercial from years ago (like maybe 20 or more) where these 7 or 8 year-old girls are stuck at summer camp (Camp Nippersink) and it’s pouring rain so they can’t have any fun and eventually the counselors, in an act of desperation pile all the girls (in yellow slickers, hats and galoshes) into a vehicle and take them to McDonalds.

By the time the girls have finished their meal (sharing fries and laughing) they have written their own “camp song” and on the way back out to the cars, splashing through puddles they “sing”

We are Nippersinkers

We’re in luck

If it rains all week,

just quack like a duck!

quack quack waddle waddle

quack quack waddle waddle

It has stuck with me all these years not so much as an endorsement of McDonalds but as a testament to the joy that a simple determination to be cheerful can impart. Obviously there are some situations where it takes God’s divine touch to bring us joy and cheer, but there are plenty of times when we can look out into the rain of our lives and CHOOSE to be cheerful.

We can choose to bring joy to others through our dependence on God for our daily inner weather, as opposed to bending with the winds and rain of daily experience.

I’m probably having these thoughts because of the gorgeous HEAVY rain we are currently getting here. It is wet, inconvenient and dark. The students don’t want to walk out in it to get to their classes. But it is also something we have desperately NEEDED.

So thank you God for the rain, the memory and the lesson.

‘scuse me while I go find my galoshes……


2 thoughts on “if it rains all week, just quack like a duck

  1. Our decorating style is something we term “chaotic post-modernist deconstructivism”. It’s very simple.

    First move into a home you can actually afford, rather than one your mortgage broker thinks you can afford.

    Second, pack it full of more books, magazines, CDs, DVDs and simple junk than can possibly fit inside.

    Third, adopt five cats and a fifty pound labradoodle.

    It isn’t pretty, but it’s home. Well…it isn’t pretty….

    Are you surprised that we never invite anybody over for cocktails?


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