what we do for fun

Random opinions wanted here, so please post a comment even if I’ve never heard from you before.

As a couple who is wanting to adopt, we have to put together a portfolio which represents US to the birth mother.  This includes photographs.  One of our major hobbies is a historical re-enactment group (called the Society for Creative Anachronism) which “recreates the good stuff from the Middle Ages”

When you total up the weekend events and the annual 7 day long event, we spend probably a total of five weeks of the year dressed in funny clothes.

It’s mostly educational, but it’s also entertaining. Here are some photos of us and of others who are in the SCA doing what we do.


This is folks jousting. Martin and I don’t actually do that ourselves, but it is fun to watch.  The thunder of the hooves is amazing.


This is what we live in when we are at an event. We camp. In large canvas tents.

Queen Cora

We have Kings and Queens. This is Queen Kora. And yes, the crown is really real…..and heavy.

Tormod fighting

This is what Martin (called Tormod) does for fun. He’s the one with the brown “head”…..and he’s winning that fight by the way.

Emma feeding the King

This is what I do for fun. I feed people.  This is me feeding the royalty.The King and Queen (and their retainers) are usually fed separately from the rest of the populace. I’m the one at the table with my back turned to the camera by the way.

So my question to the masses is this: if you were a birth mother and you saw pictures like this in someone’s portfolio, would you cross us off your list as “weirdos” ?????

I really do want to know.


3 thoughts on “what we do for fun

  1. Well, some would, some would think it was way cool.

    Being that you probably want weird birthparents = weird kid (normal kids are so boring), I say, whatever.

    But Deirdre, your babies have already been chosen for you by God, before he formed the foundations of the world…the portfolio is important, yes, but ultimately it is not going to change what already Is.



  2. I think it is an awesome hobby.
    1-2 photos are probably fine, but obviously it won’t be your entire profile. 🙂
    What does your consultant say?

    They liked it actually.


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