okay, okay. I recant

This is not about my belief in God. On that I stand firm.

This is about a movie review I did earlier this year where I said that I didn’t like Errol Flynn. (Feb 15. “who gets the remote now?”)

Okay. I was wrong.

Turns out that I didn’t like Errol Flynn IN THE MOVIE “Robinhood”

I just saw “the SeaHawk” this past Saturday and loved it. I think the fact that it was black & white may have helped.

Yes, it’s still kinda goofy because of the stylistic nature of films from that time period. But at least Errol took the role seriously. He didn’t look like he was going to bust out laughing any moment (as he DID in Robinhood). I require my actors to suspend their own disbelief before I can even try to suspend mine, ya know?

So anyway, here I am, humbly apologizing to all Errol Flynn fans that I insulted in my previous post. He’s okay. And he’s pretty easy on the eyes too.


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