my head is spinning

So here I am at my desk with a head that is spinning and hands that tremble slightly.

why? you ask………

Well I was sick last week. Yes, on my vacation. While living in a tent. I got that horrible intestinal ICK that has been going around. You know the one, where you vomit and otherwise lose everything your stomach ever contained in the space of 24 hours. yup. That one. Ever woken up in a tent and had to wonder if you can make it out before you barf?

Yup. That was my vacation.

So what does that have to do with drinking at work?

just hang on, I’m getting there.

so I was sick from Wednesday till Sunday with the instinal ICK and ON TOP OF THAT, when we got back to the South my body decided to have a total allergic reaction to spring. So at that point it’s Monday, I’m home. I’ve lost 6 pounds from being sick, and now I can’t breathe without coughing. Oh yeah, I am so not going to make it through a day at work, never mind trying to sing for Easter services.

So I hie me off to the doctor’s office where he prescribes all kinds of things, one of which is a heavy codeine cough medicine. Obviously I can’t take this stuff and drive, but I don’t drive to work, I ride. No regulation against that, right?

glug glug. wait 20 minutes….and tada! no more cough. great!


We arrive at my work. I sit forward to get out of the car and realize


my head is now spinning. And typing is a real joy let me tell you.

I’ve taken coedine cough medicine during the day before and it’s never had this much effect. What’s up? Then I remembered: I’ve been sick for over a week. I’ve lost 6 pounds and I’m still only eating little tiny bits of very bland food at a time. So I’ve basically taken a full dose of codeine on an (essentialy) empty stomach.



So I’m looped out at work. At least I don’t operate heavy machinery.

have a good day. 😉


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