new movie rules

Dyeing eggs with Ivey

As I dyed eggs this past Saturday with my 14-year-old niece, we were goofing around and at some point the subject of the new Indiana Jones movie came up.

My husband and I were stunned to discover that Ivey hadn’t ever seen “Raiders of the Lost Ark” clearly this was an oversight that needed to be corrected. The child clearly can not exist in today’s culture without some important pillars of Americana: apple pie, 4th of July fire works, and an adolescent crush on Indy. I mean come on! this is basic stuff. Like learning to tie your own shoes, or riding a bike.

So we rush out and buy a copy of all three movies. Getting just one turned out to be impossible due to the new movie getting ready to come out. the stores don’t want to get us for just the $18 bucks a copy of Raiders would cost, no….they want the full $50 for a 3 DVD set WITH bonus material. *sigh*

Now I have a house full of Easter guests and a movie I am dying to see. I figure the kids will play out after one egg hunt and the adults (including the 14-year-old) can watch the movie in peace.

I may have mentioned this on my blog at some point; nothing in my family ever goes according to plan.

We’ve been to church (wonderful service. I think even Ivey enjoyed it), we’ve had our ham, we’ve hunted eggs (gorgeous day, by the way), we’ve had ice cream and cake. Are the kids the least bit tired? nope. It’s the grown ups who are all laid out on sofas moaning about “no, please no more egg hunts, can’t we just sit down for a while?”


The kids are bouncy and happy and ready for more eggs and a game of croquet.

Croquet with Aaron

Yes, croquet. I believe I mentioned that my family is weird?

We finally get everybody settled. Turn on the movie………….

……..and no one will stop talking. Actually thats not fair. The 2 year old was asleep in his mother’s arms. The 11 year old was quiet. It was my mother and my 37 year-old brother who wouldn’t be quiet. And my dad who wants to have everything explained to him as the movie goes along.

I don’t know about you, but my suspension of disbelief goes right out the window when I have to pause a movie. So here I am, in a room full of people who won’t be quiet, trying to showcase this IMPORTANT, CLASSIC film to my impressionable niece and once every ten minutes or so, my brother pipes up with “hey, wait, pause it for a sec”


so I have a new rule: don’t try to show Ivey any new movies with her parents there. It just doesn’t work out.

that’s my Easter story. What’s yours?


One thought on “new movie rules

  1. Yesterday I made James come over to school with me to have him play photographer for my pictures to illustrate my Sensorial album for my Montessori training. The album is due in 2 weeks.
    We also went to Tractor Supply to buy tall rubber boots for me as the mud at the barn is MAJOR and I will be bringing in the horses next week. But Tractor Supply was closed for Easter. I am about to go out to go back to Tractor Supply and go back to school (on my day off) to take more pictures for my album.
    Then I went to the barn and made Pansy walk through the left over snow and mud. She is turned out alone now and doesn’t walk around much. Her arthritis does much better if she moves more. Can’t ride yet, the arena is still to muddy and snow covered. I did groom Pansy and she is shedding alot.
    After dinner of Gnocchi and salad I worked on my album and read 4 chapters of The Montessori Method.
    That was my day yesterday
    Oh, and I fulled some wool in the washer so I can make a Mongolian Del for coronation.


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