the eyes of Texas….or the hand of God?

Thursday Martin and I spent all day going from one government office to the next all over the county getting our home study (for adoption) paperwork handled. We needed background checks and criminal records checks and DFCS paperwork and copies of legal files and and and and……lots of stuff. Lots of stops. Lots of parking, getting out of the car, entering yet another government building, submitting to yet another security search, fill out the forms, stand in line. etc…..
Now I’m accustomed to expecting recalcitrant and reluctant service from government employees (at best). It’s just the best you can hope for from a day at the county court house, right?

But every where we went yesterday we were greeted by happy people, smiles and willing, helpful, solicitous service. Government employees actually….now are you ready for this? OFFERED unasked for, HELPFUL hints and granted unmerited favors!

WOW. It was a magnificent day.

We have two theories about how this completely unnatural state of affairs came about.

Theory One. God loves us and was watching over us. He went before us and made our path smooth.

Theory two. Texas is doing well in the NCAA basketball tournament and ALL civil servants in our county are Texas fans. I had on Texas colors and Martin wore a University of Texas shirt. How we had dressed was a complete coincidence but it sure seemed to help our cause.

Honestly it was almost freaky.


2 thoughts on “the eyes of Texas….or the hand of God?

  1. LOL! I like theory #1! In fact, I’m sure of it!

    I’ve seen God’s hands all over the place this week. I’m not at all surprised He was with you, too!

    Much love, Trish


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