oh the guilt !

I just went to a fabulous lunch with my co-workers.

A couple of months ago we won a $100 gift card to a local restaurant and we’ve been trying to find a good time when we could all go to lunch ever since. We meet every Monday morning and the subject always comes up. But people have meetings and other commitments that come up later in the week so we never go. But we almost all mysteriously seem to have Monday lunches available. We finally decided at this morning’s staff meeting that we just needed to seize the day and go for it. We were all here today so we just went.

It was wonderful. I had the most amazing butternut squash ravioli, the wine was good, the tiramisu was outstanding. The company was hysterical. In short we had a great time.

It was honestly the most I’ve eaten at any one setting since before I got sick back on March 12.

Since getting sick I’ve mostly been eating small portions of saltines, dried fruits, lots of water, and the occasional morsel of protein. Consequently I’ve been losing weight. I went from 178 before vacation to 169 at my last weigh in on Wednesday. Yay Me!

So today was in the nature of a splurge. Guilt free because – since I didn’t have to pay for it – my family will never know, right?


I get back to my desk and the first thing I see is an email from my 14 year old niece saying “our whole family is overweight” and she is challenging us EACH to lose 30 pounds.

oh great.

So now I’ve been challenged by a 14 year old to lose 30 pounds. I mean I was going to lose it anyway, but now I’m on the spot.

so for the record, I currently (before lunch) weigh 169, so I will need to get down to 139 to meet Ivey’s challenge.

Update: because of that lunch I went back up to 171.  so my starting weight at the beginning of this challenge is 171. grumpgrumblegrouse 

One thought on “oh the guilt !

  1. I think that’s a good goal, but what I recommend is that if you are going to binge from now on, tempt your family into bingeing with you! then they can’t point fingers. ;- )


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