wow. I actually like me.

Ever looked at endless photos of yourself and all you can see are the faults? the flaws, the not quite right stuff?

Martin and I have being looking at a lot of photos of us recently for our adoption portfolio and I have to say I’m married to a handsome man. Even when scruffy from a week’s vacation on the ranch, he looks good. See photo below:

us at the ranch

But even in this photo I’m not real sure I like me, ya know.

but one photo we took last week, I really like.

Here it is.

in the park

The funny thing is you actually have to click on it to see what I’m talking about. Something about the size or the resolution of the thumbnail makes my teeth look really weird. But when you see the full sized photo this is the best natural photo taken of me in years. Of course it helped that my gorgeous hubby was the one holding the camera.
I guess that’s the smile he sees all the time.




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