I don’t like waiting

This blog is supposed to be about the state of my mind on any given day. Right now…I’m impatient.

We have done everything we possibly can towards our adoption paperwork and now it is all up to others.

So I’m trying to drown my impatience in prayer.

Pray for the caseworker (Cheri) that she will write our home-study in a way that glorifies God, is the truth and makes us look good all at the same time.

Pray for the guy (Nick) who is going through all our photos and creating a DVD of us. Pray that he represents us and picks the right song so that the birth-mother who is carrying the child God has for us will pick us and feel good about her choice.

Pray for Amy, who is writing our profile. Pray that she puts words on paper that comfort the birth-mom and convey what kind of home her baby will have with us.

Pray that the government offices and labs that are still holding missing pieces of our documentation will send them in quickly so we can continue moving forward.

Pray for me. That I won’t tear my hair out in frustration and helplessness. I hate it when there is nothing I can do to move things along. We’ve done all we can. and now it is time. to. wait.

Did I mention that patience is not my long suit?



2 thoughts on “I don’t like waiting

  1. Why don’t you try surrogacy?

    Becasue we didn’t want to spend the money on a surrogate pregnancy that might not end in a live birth. No pregnancy is ever assued of a happy ending. At least with adoption we are dealing with a sure thing….or at least sure-er..


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