can ‘o worms

I realize that in opening this can-o-worms up for comments I’m gonna get flooded with advice here. That’s okay. I look forward to sifting through all of it with my hubby and deciding what’s right for us.

As a potential adoptive (eventually) mommy I’ve been thinking a lot about the STUFF that everybody buys to go along with their baby. So I’ve made a list of the things I think are “must haves” and the things I think are not really needed.

Basically my husband and I are very anti-stuff. We figure if it doesn’t have an analogous form in Pioneer times, we don’t need it. (good article here)

But, as this will be my first time at this, I could be wrong about what’s needed and what isn’t. So I’m looking for input (from mommies and from not mommies). Here’s my lists. Despite the fact that I sound confident, I am NOT a know-it-all here. If I’m dead wrong about something, tell me, okay? Have I left something out? do I have too much stuff on the “must have” list?

My list of “must haves”

  • Crib (got it already)
  • Changing pad (for use anywhere)
  • Diapers (we are going with disposable and cheap)
  • Car seat (with extra base for grandma’s car)
  • Stroller (comes with car seat. Has toddler seat for when we out-grow baby seat)
  • Play-yard for travel (thank you for telling us about this Missy. It looks like it’s going to be very useful)
  • Wipes
  • Bottles
  • Formula
  • Clothing (onesies mostly and a couple of sleep sacks)
  • Blankets
  • Medical & hygiene stuff (thermometer, nail clippers, baby shampoo etc)
  • changing table with changing pad.
  • head support/positioner for in the car seat and for sleeping

That’s pretty much it for the “must haves”.

Things I think we don’t need and you can correct me if I’m wrong:

  • Baby Towels (what on earth is wrong with using regular towels?)
  • Baby washcloths (again…what’s wrong with regular washcloths?)
  • Baby recliner/bouncy thingy (it just looks like another item to trip over to me)
  • Play blankets with baby Einstein type stuff hanging over baby’s head. (again, just seems like something to trip over to me)
  • Jogger stroller (why on earth can’t I jog – I’m not fast at all- with a regular stroller? Is there a speed limit on strollers?)

things I think would be fun to have

  • baby jumper (those new things that hang in doorways and let your baby bounce. that looks really cool and fun!)
  • baby sling. the whole hand’s free concept seems rather cool. If they are actually stable. (any body got any feedback on this issue?  ARE those sling things actaully stable?)

I look forward to reading what you, my hundreds tens of readers have to say about this. Oh, one other thing, I promise to treat all respectful opinions with respect. So no flames, okay?

Let the comments begin!



6 thoughts on “can ‘o worms

  1. You’ll be surprised at how little stuff you really need for a baby.

    The only thing I’d add to stuff you’ll probably want is a pacifier (unless you’re determined that the baby won’t have one). Neither of my kids would take one, but the British call them “soothers” or “soothies” for a reason!

    I have a baby sling, and think it is wonderful! You can get so much done because you have baby right there getting cuddled, and you have your hands free as well. There is a bit of a “learning curve” if you will with it, but once you get used to, it is so easy! There are a lot of different types of baby carriers, but the principle remains the same — you’re holding baby *and* getting stuff done at the same time.

    I think the “jogging stroller” is just designed to go more smoothly or easily while you’re jogging. Your regular stroller should do just fine.

    My chiropractor doesn’t like the baby jumper — says it’s bad for babies’ necks to bounce like that. (But my nephew **loved** his!)

    And if you’re looking to save money (or at least not blow a wad of cash!) I have two words for you: yard sales!!!! (You can get clothes for next to nothing that still look great. I bought so much name-brand stuff for 50 cents or $1 an item — you just can’t beat that in stores! And now is prime yard-sale season — even though you can’t know the sex of the baby, you can buy clothes now for either (or unisex) and then resell at a future yard sale what you can’t use. You can’t lose!


  2. She is so right about yard sales; but not just any yard sale. Go to the high end homes that advertise baby things. You can get stuff for less than nothing! You just have to be careful not to overbuy because you’re spending so little money.

    Night lights all over in case you don’t already have them.

    Good bottle cleaning brushes.

    Lots of Lysol disinfectant spray to wipe plastic surfaces.

    Soft detergent (I have forgotten the brands) for washing baby’s things separately for first months.

    I think pacifiers are better than thumbs. They are easier to make disappear when its weaning time.

    Maybe some music, either wind up or recordings to help soothe to sleep.

    few teething rings for about 3-5 months on. Save on your own thumbs! I liked the ones you could put in frig or freezer. Do they still make them?

    Buntings, light weight for slightly cool days and nights.

    gosh, these are too many comments, aren’t they.

    Ann/Mother, to be grandmother.


  3. OK, my view,
    1st-diapers cheap and disposible means wet babies, wet clothes and diaper rash. I am strongly in favor of cloth diapers (and a diaper service, if they are still around)

    2nd- you DO want a sling or Snuggli so you and be hands free and the baby close to you. It makes a big difference.
    Later on you will want a backpack

    3rd stroller- An inexpensive umbrella stroller won’t be able to take cross country terrain at SCA events, a jogging stroller will.

    4. a sun hat if you are going to be outside. Babies sunburn and sunblock has a lot of chemicals you may not want on the baby.

    A mirror for the babies room, babies get benefit from looking at themselves. Also a mobil for the baby to look at, helps the brain and eyes develop tracking skills.

    I am going to send you a couple of books on Montessori and infant/toddlers but not until you tell me you are ready for them. Let me know.

    Well we probably won’t be taking a stroller to SCA events. We will probably use a radio flyer with side walls, bumper, and padding. Radu & Bri’s baby boy really enjoyed his and so did baby Solvi at gulf this past year.

    As for WHEN all this will be relevant….who knows. It could happen really slowly or really fast. It’s not like getting pregnant where the time frame is very predictable. We could get matched with someone in their 6th month, or two days away from labor. Or it could take forever to get matched. So we just don’t know. But it’s best to be prepared.


  4. Um—-I got no advice. No, that’s not true, I have advice, but you’ve already got that covered! You need a home full of love, and dogs, and cats. I’m a firm believer that children that grow up with dogs and cats not only have fewer allergies, but learn how to play nicely with others and how to be tenderhearted and giving.

    Okay, maybe that’s just an excuse to have cats and dogs. Goodness knows, I’m always looking for a good reason to have a house full of pets. ;- )

    You’ll do fine. What you don’t have on hand, you and Martin will run out and get or someone will give you.

    And Emilie has some -great- tips for raising babies frugally!

    Yes and I’m hoping to hear from her too. I’m getting lots of conflicting advice, but that’s part of the fun.


  5. The baby detergent that I’ve heard is what you “should” use is Dreft. I think the idea is to have it hypo-allergenic, non-scented, and/or non-colored. I didn’t use it, though — I just figured that I’d use the regular stuff, and if my babies had a reaction, then I’d change. Both my kids did fine with it.

    Oh, you should probably get some sort of baby book — “what to expect the first year” or Dr. Sears’ “the baby book” or something like that. Just an all-around good reference for those middle-of-the-night what-the-heck-is-going-on times.


  6. My two cents worth –

    The ultimate crib sheet – get 2 of them. They are not “cheap” but they are well worth it especially since they snap around the side of the crib. Definitely a plus in my book since my child usually liked to dirty the sheets in the middle of the night. I only had to change the fitted sheet once at 2 am to know I needed the ultimate sheet.

    As the baby gets older (6 mos) or so – I liked the exersaucer and the jumper. It was great for keeping him entertained while I cooked/got dressed/etc.

    Garage Sales, craigslist and mothers of multiples sales are all good places to find bargains.


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