my feet keep startling me

Ya know that silly thing that happens when you buy brand new white tennis shoes and it becomes abundantly clear just how very dingy the old ones were.?   The blinding light shining up from your feet when you wear brand new tennis shoes is very distracting.  It’s almost enough to make you want to go jump in a puddle, just to make it stop!

Well I did something yesterday that I’ve never done before and it’s having the exact same effect as those blindingly white tennis shoes of yore.

are ya’ll ready for this: I had my toenails done.

yup. me.  the tomboy.  the “you can do my nails, but I’ll chip everyone of them before 24 hours have gone by” girl.

See we are going to a family gathering in Dallas this weekend and I want to fit in.  And since it is warmish there, and I’ll be wearing sandals……

Actually this is directly related to my aversion to pantyhose.  I hate ’em.  Especially now while I’m overweight.  (I’m SO gonna lose those extra 30 pounds folks.  just you watch) so since the place where Martin’s mom lives has a dress code (panty hose are required with skirts, no jeans please, and slacks are fine) I’ll be wearing slacks and sandals all weekend.

***side note here.  I don’t care how posh my life gets.  When I retire I will go someplace where I can run around barefoot and in sweat pants any time I want.  I am NOT going to pay top dollar to go live out my last years someplace where someone is still telling me I have to get dressed up to come down to BREAKFAST!  Heavens.***

My toes will haven’t had this much exposure to the daylight in years…no decades.  Yes I know I don’t spend nearly enough time out of doors with my shoes off.

so last night on the way home I talked my hubby into stopping and getting a mani-pedi WITH ME.  Yes Martin got one too.  He really liked it.

anyway, I wasn’t paying attention and the girl did my toes in a French manicure style.  So now I’ve got these bright white little stripes along the edges of my toes and they keep (visually) Jumping out at me.

it’s been startling me all day long.


3 thoughts on “my feet keep startling me

  1. thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoyed having your toes done. It’s one of my favorite things – especially since I live in Houston and sandals or barefeet are required year round!


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you at least enjoyed getting your toes done. It’s a great day in my world when I get to go for a pedicure. Of course, I live in Houston where sandal and barefeet are year round.

    I LOVED it. I’ve gone before, I’ve just never let them bother to polish my actual toenails. Martin loved it, but he had a hard time keeping still. He’s VERY ticklish. by the way, I know I probably broke ALL KINDS of “girl codes” by taking my hubby for a mani-pedi. but honestly ya’ll it was a fashion emergency. Besides, his hands needed care pretty badly so I think I have some justification……


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