my boss has hidden talents

You see that unassuming, thirty-something guy in the corner of the table?

The one in the grey shirt?

that’s my boss.

This is him attending the baby shower of a co-worker.

Todd being silly

Ya’ll wanna know what this guy brought as his present?

Now before you guess, I have to tell you he is a real guy’s guy. Plays basketball with the faculty, roughhouses with his two kids, stays late at the office etc. Loves football. Has Ph.D from Georgia Tech (but we won’t count that against him).

Any guesses?

He made a cake.


A CAKE. It’s actually in the photo above. But just to help you out, here’s another view:

the Diaper cake

That, my friends, is one of the prettiest DIAPER CAKES I have ever seen. and he made it all by himself! I can prove it. I witnessed him locking himself in his office with ribbons and a couple of cases of newborn and size 1& 2 diapers and an hour an a half later, we were invited in to see the finished product.

Of course he wasn’t the only male to attend that party. So now all the guys in the building know he has been hiding a certain ….side of his character from us.

oh he is so never going to live this down.


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