a rose in full bloom

I took photos all over Dallas this weekend. I’ll post those later, but the best photo was the one I didn’t take.

We visited Martin’s one remaining Aunt. His Father’s sister. She lives at home with constant nursing supervision. She is not physically doing well. As a matter of fact she stopped taking most of her medications about two weeks ago and the general expectation is that she is waiting to die.

She lives about an hour and a bit north of Dallas, and we had a very busy weekend, but we felt like we needed to see her. The only time available was Sunday morning, but we would have to skip church to do it. This is a no-brainer folks. I’m pretty sure God will forgive us for not going and sitting in a building to listen to a choir and a sermon. We were visiting one of His children.

And what a child she is. She has loads of children and grand children and even a couple of great grand children to brag about. She’s had a full life and she loves the Lord.

What always amazes me when we go to see Charlotte is that we go expecting to minister to her, but her radiant smile and sweet nature end up ministering to me instead.

I remember the first time I ever met her. Martin and I were out at the ranch for a family gathering and we were late getting on the road to go home. At which point someone suggested that Charlotte would “really love a visit from her nephew Martin” *sigh* okay. I mean honestly who is going to refuse to visit a sick relative? Of course she was just a name to me, so I went with a fair amount of internal reluctance. I don’t know this person. I HATE sick rooms. I loath hospitals….. Privately (in the car) I was not very gracious about this. I mean, we were about to embark on a looong drive. all the way from Dallas back to Georgia ya’ll! But I went. I was polite to my husband on the way there and all the way across the parking lot and through the maze of straight corridors that go no-where.

But then we got there. And this woman, in a wheel chair, who had never met me in her life, beamed at me like I was a well spring of sweet water in a dry and dusty land. She reached out for my hand and clung to me. She hardly took her eyes off me as she welcomed me into the family.

that kind of makes me sound evil, like her attention was what won me over. It wasn’t. Something about the way she just smiles with her heart in her eyes just made me love her on the spot. I felt as if I couldn’t have gone on if she hadn’t loved me. but I didn’t feel that way till after she loved me. Does that make sense?

so anyway, back to this weekend. when we saw Charlotte we brought her roses. most of them were only partially opened, but one, a single large muted orange colored rose was fully blown. Perfect, and as open as it could be. she loved it. she wanted to hold it, so I snapped the thorns off and she held it the whole time we were there. When we left she was still holding it.

As we were leaving I thought about asking the home nurse to take a photo of us with Charlotte, but she wasn’t able to sit up and I didn’t think she would want us to have a photo of her like that. So I didn’t even take the camera out of my bag.

Now, though, I wish I had at least gotten a close up of that gorgeous rose in her delicate hand. That rose is so like Charlotte. Full of blessing and beauty, almost ready to droop and fade, but still glowing with the memory and love of life.

Lord, bless Charlotte. Continue to give her an abundant joy that flows over onto everyone around her.


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