the tour of Dallas

Before you read this post, go back and read the feet post from last week:

my feet keep startling me

then come back and start this current post. It won’t make sense unless you do.

done? great. onward we go.

So after making such a big deal about my pedicure I got one of those strange notions. Ya know how some people take photos of a garden gnome everywhere they go? or they send a teddy bear around the world? Well I decided to take photos of my toes everywhere I went this weekend. Since we were in Dallas my husband made all kinds of cracks about “Deirdre’s toes do Dallas” and I actually had to ask him to explain the reference. Yes, I know, I’ve led a sheltered life. Fortunately he’s never seen it either, just heard the title, so you can stop worrying about our morals.

So anyway, here is my tour of Dallas, narrated by my nicely pedicured feet.

on the grounds of the Edgemere

Hello, as Deirdre’s toes we would like to say how thankful we are to be finally on the ground in Dallas. The flight was hideous, too much vibration and engine noise. also we were squished under the seat. but that’s air travel for you.

edgemere pavement

this is us walking down the path to the front door of the Edgemere where Deirdre’s MIL lives. Very swanky place. Will post photos of that in a bit. Must emphasize how tired we are. These sandals were frankly chosen for their initial fit and look, not how well they wear over the long haul. So we are very tired by this point. but we are about to convince Deirdre to do something about that. Can you say “epsom salts” people?


oh this is heavenly! who cares if we had to Get Deirdre up on a counter top to attain nivrana. We are soaking in lavender and epsom salts. ahhhhhhhhhh


You can’t really see US in this photo, but we figured you needed proof that Deirdre really did get up on the counter to make us feel better. See there was no bath in the hotel room, just a shower. so she really had no choice.

the view

This is five of us (the left five actually) looking out over the view from our room. We are hoping for time to walk barefoot in the garden.


this is the left five (again! camera hogs!!!) pointing out the beauties even in the floor at the Edgemere.

garden path

this is the garden path that we wanted to walk along. well we did walk along it, but we don’t have any photos of US as we walked along it.

by the fountain

Here we are next to beautiful fountain.

the fountain

This is the actual fountain. Very artsy, if you like that sort of thing, but of course we are not in the photo, so it’s not nearly as cool .

the family

And then of course, here is the reason we were in Dallas to begin with: a family party. Of COURSE they didn’t get photos of the toes! They so just don’t get it. Oh well. At least Deirdre still loves us. She soaked us in the sink again Saturday night!


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