list of gratitude

  1. oatmeal raisin cookie dough
  2. the feel of my husbands lips
  3. simple human touch
  4. the funny noises my cat makes
  5. sunshine on my hair
  6. the smell of roast beef on a Sunday afternoon
  7. a really good hug
  8. waking up well rested on a Saturday (it doesn’t happen any other time…)
  9. happy tears
  10. the smell of a campfire in my clothes three days after the event

This is just the beginning.  I’m going to try to remember to list at least ten things I’m grateful for every week.  It won’t be on a specific day, it will be just whenever I feel like it.

You can feel free to list your own in the comments, or comment on mine, or just smile and move on to the next blog.

I’m just glad you stopped by.  Have a wonderful day and remember that nothing you do can separate you from God’s love.  Nothing.


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