late to the party

I’m behind on my movie watching.    So forgive me for being very late in viewing Ratatouille the Pixar movie from 2007.

I finally saw Ratatouille this weekend and I absolutely adored it!

I loved how they didn’t ever have the rats speak to the humans, just used gestures and expressions. As a dabbler in art, let me tell you that’s hard to accomplish. And did you know that the “new” version of the actual Ratatouille dish at the end is a real recipe?     and it looks pretty good too.  

I know I’m coming late to this particular party, but I have just joined the legion of fans.

Unlike some animated movies, this is NOT fluff. There is no condescending mush, no silly song and dance numbers (though I love musicals and big musical numbers, I just don’t think all children’s movies should have to have them), just a well crafted story, and beautifully illustrated.

There are a couple of background panels that are stunningly real.

anyway, this is NOT just a good flick. It is a Great FILM.


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