I am doomed

Ever notice that Satan takes delight in distracting Christians with spiritual distractions?

Here I am, determined to have a quiet time and what happens? I find a really great praise team whose music I want to hear more of and I stumble upon the blog of a real hero of mine. A true warrior of the faith. What could be better for me than spending HOURS and HOURS reading through her blog and…

oh yea, GOD’S WORD is waiting for me.


pray for me as I try to get this portion of my life in line with what God wants for me.


2 thoughts on “I am doomed

  1. Don’t beat yourself up. Start out slow and if you can only spend 5 minutes at first – God wants that. That is why reading the Proverbs is an easy start. It is quick and you can underline a verse that touches you and maybe even try and memorize. I don’t do that-I write it on a 3×5 cards and refer back to it when I may need some encouragement.


    I’ve actually got 3×5 post-it notes on my desk now with some verses I’m currently chewing on. I’m trying to work on one at a time till I feel I’ve really got it.


  2. While scripture is primary, think for a minute what blessings that you got from the music (I ❤ Casting Crowns — they got an acknowledgment in the dissertation!) and from that other person’s blog.

    Food comes from Scripture — blessings can come anywhere.


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