thankful (week 2)

ten more things I am thankful for

11. God’s word. I’m learning to value it more and more

12. a freindly or kind word from a complete stranger

13. air-conditioning

14. the freedom of forgiving myself

15. the feel of water on my skin.

16. the sound of water running. stream, river, facuet. It all sounds like music to me

17. all the amazing varieties of green in nature.

18. knowing my freinds will pray for me when I ask

19. my brother’s bells palsy has faded

20. sight. I can not adequately convey how much I enjoy watching the leaves of a tall healthy tree toss in the breeze, or clouds form and flow across the sky.

This is part of an on-going project. I want to try to list ten things I am grateful for each week. If I do this consistently hopefully it will influence my heart to a more consistently grateful perspective.


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