do not be anxious

Philippians 4:6&7

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Most of us know the gist of this. We generally translate it as “try not to worry so much” but that is an over simplification. What is anxiety? It is an implicit distrust. Of what? well, if we are honest with ourselves…it is a distrust of GOD.

If you ask someone straight-out  “do you trust God?” they will generally say “yes, of course I do.”

But if we really trusted GOD would we act the way we do? If we really believe that God IS good. Not just that He does good things, but that He IS the very essence of all that is GOOD. Why do we act like He is some gleeful joker waiting behind the next corner hoping to trip us up?

By the way, I’m not implying here that God will always send comfortable things our way. We may occasionally need to learn lessons the hard way so He may have to send pain into our lives, but it is all a part of a plan that is greater and bigger and more immensely complex that we could ever comprehend.

what on earth am I going on about? well….I don’t know. It’s just that this verse is my verse for this week. I’m trying to learn it. But not just learn it, I’m trying to absorb it. To really grasp what it means in my life.

So the first element (for me) is to really grasp that God IS Good.

the next element is to pray more and remember to dwell on Thanking God for what He has already accomplished in my life and what is still waiting to be accomplished. To Praise Him for what I am about to learn.

And I think that for me, that is the really crux. The Key. If I spend my prayer life begging God for something, that is a very different prayer life than one that is centered on thanksgiving. Filling my mind ( to create the sentences) and then my mouth ( to speak to God) with praise and thanksgiving will help to fill up my heart and soul with the same. In the selfsame way that we can not speak venom without being corroded by it, we also can not speak continual praise and thanksgiving to God without being radically affected by it.

LORD, thank you for the work you are doing on me today. Use my imperfect struggles LORD to teach me more about your love.


3 thoughts on “do not be anxious

  1. Wow – great thoughts! Thanks for the reminders…


    I hope I didn’t come across as preaching. I’m mostly preaching to myself. Trying to cling to these verses in particular as I have a lot to be nervous about today.


  2. Very well put!
    I heard Beth Moore describe anxiety as “simmering in unbelief.” When you put it in those terms, it sounds a lot worse. I know I can believe God. I know He is good. Why, then, would I be anxious for anything???
    Thanking God today – for who He Is!


  3. First of all, thanks for your comment on my blog.

    I struggle with anxiety, so this was a great reminder for me, and I like what you said about focusing on praising Him and thanking Him in our prayers.

    Constant worrying something I struggle with. So I’m really preaching to myself. I’m glad if it helped you too. 😉


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